Friday 28 and Saturday 29 June at Eroica Limburg,
Dersaborgpark in Valkenburg!


This year the Eroica Limburg festival is entirely devoted
to the World Cycling Championships.
It’s a tour on the 1978 world championship trail.

In addition to cycling, there is also music, food, drinks and Le Patron!

We’re looking forward to seeing you!



Only two more weeks…
We break our head about it: tour lists and tour-predictions.
Who will outshine in the upcoming Tour …? Because of the mysterious powers in cycling it’s a bit of gambling. Like in 1948, when Ferdi Kübler was tipped by all bookmakers as a certain time trial winner, but the completely unknown René Berton won gloriously.

That’s why we take Reinardt Janse van Reinsburg
in consideration for this year!




In 2016 Chris Froome risked his life while descending the Peyresourde by sitting on his frame. But now a firm gust of wind has struck him down.
The life of a cyclist is fragile. You treat your body with the greatest care to get the best out of yourself, but at the same time you expose it to great risks. Be careful out there!



Will you be riding a cyclosportive soon? In the middle of summer
this will be 10-hour sweating in the burning sun… Respect!
But don’t forget your sun-block, You will be treated with a bicycle tan..



One of the most important ways of protection is a helmet. Nowadays distinguished by characteristics as “aero lid” eye-popping colours, tube shaped tail design and internal channeling. It all started by Jean Robic, Tour winner of 1947. He always wore his home-made crash helmet because he was afraid of sustaining head injury. This earned him the nickname tête de cuir (leather head).