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Bezig met laden...

Le Patron Casual Socks: essential in every wardrobe

The stylish cyclists of the past were already aware of this fact: if you want a sophisticated look, socks are an essential part of your outfit. 

Coppi and Merckx used to wear tight white socks of 7.5cm high. Bradley Wiggins started wearing longer socks that were a perfect match for the rest of his outfit. Le Patron is carrying on this trend, introducing casual cycling socks. From simple white socks to colourful designs on your casual cycling socks. 

The socks from Le Patron are you perfect starting point for today’s outfit, inspired by the foundations of cycling. 

So whether you’re wearing a stylish suit, cool denim or short chinos: Le Patron socks will give a personal and cheerful cycling touch to every outfit. 

The perfect gift for yourself or someone else

Everyone loves nice socks. Fashion experts even claim that socks reflect your personality. And we agree! Le Patron socks are the perfect gift for yourself or someone else who loves cycling. 

An original print is important, but good quality is even more essential. What good are cheerful socks if they’re worn through in no time, or if they’re not comfortable? All of our socks are made in a sock factory in Portugal, that has been run by the same family for decades. When we visited the factory, we saw that they still use authentic Lamborghini knitting machines. Pure craftsmanship! 

Together with the factory, we chose to use a fabrics blend of 78% cotton, 19% polyamide and 3% nylon. This guarantees a durable sock with the perfect fit. Our socks are finished with smooth toe seams, for optimal comfort. Once you start wearing casual socks from Le Patron, you’ll never want to wear anything else.