We are cycling fanatics


Dedicated admirers of cycling history.
Inspired by heroes like Coppi, Bartali, Koblet and Bahamontes.
We love their sophisticated, prestigious and confident looks.
Their powerful legs and cool-blooded attitude.


We cherish their heritage with quality clothing.
Fearless styles for cycling fanatics around the world.
You look good on your bike, with Le Patron you look just as good in your spare time.


We call it Cycling Couture.


The origins of Le Patron



Le Patron was founded in 2017 by cycling fans Melle, Joanneke and Rogier. Melle was basically born with a bicycle in his cradle, and he must have been a mechanic in his past life. Jo grew up with the cycling virus, thanks to her father. She puts these cycling ‘genes’ to good use at Le Patron, with original designs. Rogier’s love for cycling started when he was a little boy, when he was watching his Dutch cycling heroes make history in the Tour de France. Cycling has had his heart ever since.

Over the years, the Le Patron team has grown significantly, and it didn't take long before they had to move from their refurnished basement to a real office. The Le Patron headquarters are located in Amsterdam. Less than a 10-minute bicycle ride away from the place where the first ‘Grand Départ’ outside of France too place in 1954: the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam.

The Le Patron launch party also took place in this legendary stadium! Would you like to see us in action in this Olympic place? Check out this video…

Bring cycling history to life


Beautiful anecdotes about legendary cyclists of days gone by. Myths of staggering climbing percentages, rough terrain and deep ravines. Cycling history is full of heroics.


The collection of Le Patron is inspired by this rich history. By wearing our casual wear, you can bring cycling history to life. And this is also important for true cycling fans: you will look sophisticated.