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Bezig met laden...

Casual sweats inspired by retro cycling jerseys 

Cycling has always been more than ‘toiling on a narrow bicycle saddle' and being the first to cross the finish line. Style in its forms is an essential part of cycling races. Smooth pedalling, a good position, and above all stylish looks. 

Cycling jerseys were and are an important part of a sophisticated look. Our unique designs are inspired by the features of cycling jerseys as they were decades ago. We have excellent jerseys for every season. So that you can look picobello every day!  



The design is all about the details

No standard cotton jersey with a simple print, but fabric of superior quality and sophisticated details. All Le Patron knits & sweats include references to the classic jerseys of our cycling heroes. Not just in their designs, but usually also in the choice of fabric, like luxurious merino. 

Our merino blend jerseys are exclusively made in one of the best sewing workshops in Northern Italy. Our other jerseys in made in Portugal, in a workshop near Porto. They can handle our special designs with the refined details below:

- Rib cuffs and collar

- Retro back pocket with buttons

- Merino with diamond pattern

- Golden embroidery stitches

- Classic thumbholes 

- Lined breast pocket all-over cycling print