“Het jaar van Eddie Merckx”


Fifty years ago..
We go back to 1969. A cyclist has never dominated a cycling season as Eddy Merckx did in that year. Unforgettable! Read all about it in the new book “1969 – Het jaar van Eddy Merckx” written by Johny Vansevenant. Don’t forget to put on your Molteni socks while reading it;)




Throwing with water bottles has recently been restricted. The UCI imposes fines ranging between € 176 and no less than € 440. Because World Tour pros have an exemplary role. We agree! And bring in some other ideas…



And again a rider collided with a raging spectator.
Miguel Ángel López reacted with a smack and the discussion
about pushy public has erupted.
‘Scream and shout and let it all out’ would Gino Bartali say..



The Dauphiné starts at Sunday, June 9! Held since 1947 and an important preparation for the Tour de France. No Mont Ventoux this year. Too bad, this regular recurring obstacle is on of our favourite climbs.. For 41 years Charly Gaul was the fastest climber on the Ventoux in 1hr 2min 9sec. Check out the segment on Strava how fast this still is!



16 JUNE 2019


Sorry dads in Italy and Spain.. Festa del Papà and Día del Padre has already been in March. But in many countries Father’s Day is celebrated on the third Sunday in June! And of course we have the perfect gift for dad.. Socks related to his favourite activity!



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