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Bezig met laden...

T-shirts for real cycling fans

Anecdotes about stylish cyclists. Myths of staggering climbing percentages, rough terrain and deep ravines. All designs of our casual cycling t-shirts are inspired by the heroics of cycling. We call it Cycling Couture.

All casual cycling t-shirts are designed by our own design team. We work with the best fabrics, exclusive prints and a perfect fit. And last but not least: subtle details that will catch the eye of real cycling experts. Every t-shirt is a unique mix of cycling history and sophisticated style.

More than a simple printed T-shirt

Who doesn’t know them, the very first cycling jerseys. Their style, fine tailoring and beautiful details made them unique. A source of inspiration that we love to incorporate in our collection. That’s why each of our designs is so much more than a standard shirt with cycling print. 

Originality, never choosing the easiest route and making casual clothing that enthusiasts can enjoy for many years. All of our cycling t-shirts are true eyecatchers. They’re all made in Portugal. For many years, we have been working together with a small-scale workshop near Porto, where craftsmanship and quality are important pillars. Le Patron T-shirts are produced in small and limited runs of 150 to 250 items. Always using the most sustainable materials, good for people and the environment. 

So, we guarantee slow fashion with fabrics, finish and prints of the best quality. And because this also matters: with Le Patron you will always look sophisticated.