Featuring the Olympic Stadium

Back in the twenties, at the then-edge of Amsterdam an iconic building arose from the fields. Dutch architect Jan Wils designed a recognisable stadium in the style of the Amsterdam School. The use of red brick, the typical forms and the steel framing for windows and doors are stand-out characteristics of this architectural style. The current Olympic Stadium was the main stadium for the 1928 Olympic Games.

In 1954 Amsterdam hosted another big sporting event, the first foreign Grand Depart ever. Days before the start the city is already in a good vibe. The clean new white trucks and other team cars are dominating the streets. Also the  Mediterranean atmosphere brought by the many followers of the peloton creates  a lot of excitement in the then gritty Amsterdam. The 8th of July The Peloton departs  from the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam to arrive in Paris 3 weeks and 4656 km later.

We’re extremely happy that we were able to launch Le Patron Cycling Couture in the iconic atmosphere of the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium!

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