The magic of the casual cycling shirts

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It’s probably the most frequently washed piece of clothing in your wardrobe: your Sunday morning cycling shirt.

Preferably, the shirt has a zipper with an open end, so you can change it easily into a jacket. It reminds you of climbing the mountains while suffering in the burning sun. And then there’s that convenient zippered back-pocket. Perfect for keeping your phone when you’ve activated Strava. It prevents your phone from falling out when you’re grabbing a banana from the other back-pocket.

Cycling shirt dilemma: banana or apricots

The bad thing about bananas is that they stain your pockets. You’d better bring some dried apricots the next time. Another dilemma; should you wear a thermal base-layer? It’s pretty cold now, but the sun will shine later today. Arm warmers may be a better choice, they’re much easier to put on and off.

The village sign sprint

We all agree: your favourite cycling shirt is comfortable and functional. You wear it all year long and it looks good on you. The colour perfectly matches your bike. The shirt makes you stand out in the peloton. When wearing your favourite cycling shirt, you feel strong. Your legs are ready to pump. The shirt gives you a mental boost in the sprint for the village sign…Put it on and you’re ready to ride!

Le Patron translates functional cycling shirts into casual cycling shirts

Cycling aficionados and Le Patron founders Melle van der Veen and Rogier Groen know all about the magical effect of the cycling shirt. They share a passion for cycling, as well as for stylish casual menswear.
“I was looking for that magical feeling in my casual T-shirts too, but I couldn’t find anything that matches my style”, tells Melle.
Rogier adds: “So we decided to create our own casual cycling shirts with that touch of magic.”
Le Patron casual cycling shirts are catered to cycling aficionados who want to express their love for cycling and look good all the time, also when they’re not on the bike.

The exceptional allure and character of Coppi

The rich history of cycling is Le Patron’s main source of inspiration. Melle and Rogier love the early days of cycling when cycling jerseys were refined and stylish; a time when cyclists like Fausto Coppi were known for their allure and character. Melle: “His style perfectly matches with our philosophy. Those refined old-school styles are an important source of inspiration for our clothing brand. We use beautiful, enchanting images and stories from the past for our casual cycling shirts.”

Euphoria….but first: trudge, struggle and plough on

Cycling equals suffering. That’s why cycling slang has a lot of different words for expressing this. Hitting the wall, trudging uphill, cracking and telling your legs ‘to shut up’. Everything hurts, but you endure burning legs and searing lungs. You just keep on pedalling, because you know what comes next: Satisfaction with a capital S. That heroic feeling of survival. Euphoria. You can’t have the magic without the suffering.

Le Patron casual cycling shirts: made in Portugal

Rogier: “We produce our casual cycling shirts in good factories in Portugal for a fair price. That’s very important to us. Our voluntary suffering on the bike is nothing compared to the suffering of underpaid textile workers in unsafe factories. It’s impossible to see the magic in that.”

Melle: “Our Portuguese business relations also understand the passion and the philosophy behind our casual cycling shirts. Portugal’s best cyclist Joaquim Agostinho (1943-1984) is still on a pedestal. Besides that, they have a great eye for quality and detail. They help us to translate the magical feeling of perfection into stylish casual cycling shirts.”

Discover the magic of our casual cycling shirts

The fine collection of Le Patron casual cycling shirts breathes the passion and dedication of Melle and Rogier. The collection offers different colours, sizes and designs, catered to the tastes of cyclist aficionados everywhere. Experience the magic of cycling in a casual cycling shirt!

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