The clogged message for 2018 from Le Patron

January 10, 2018

A new year with new good intentions. Are you still searching for one?

Choose one that strikes several birds with one stone! Le Patron has hidden this message in all her casual cycling shirts.

We will lift a corner of the veil! If you maintain this good intention, these are some of the benefits:

*It is good for your health. Not only for your condition, but also for less stress.

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Our tribute to Tuscany

July 26, 2017

Fiorenzo Magni, rival of Coppi and Bartali, grew up in the Tuscan hills. His Mediterranean temper and courage provoked our curiosity to visit his birthplace.

Cycling in Tuscany means putting yourself to the test on the hills and slopes where many cycling legends trained. Especially on the Monte Serra. New insights and training methods have their roots on this climb. Before we dare to enter this outdoor version of a lab, we get a lecture by one of the founders of the high cadence and increased RPM: Cecchini.

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The magic of the casual cycling shirt

July 12, 2017

It’s probably the most frequently washed piece of clothing in your wardrobe: your Sunday morning cycling shirt.

Preferably, the shirt has a zipper with an open end, so you can change it easily into a jacket. It reminds you of climbing the mountains while suffering in the burning sun. And then there’s that convenient zippered back-pocket. Perfect for keeping your phone when you’ve activated Strava. It prevents your phone from falling out when you’re grabbing a banana from the other back-pocket.

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The butterfly of Maastricht

May 26, 2017

No legendary flight to the top for the Maglia Rosa this year, but another spectacular story added to the Cima Coppi! Tom Dumoulin showed us a legendary descent to the finish and kept his pink dream alive. He certainly showed the same adhesion like his ancestors!

Will he bring the pink jersey to the 100th finishline? Be prepared with our Cento Giro-shirt!


A hell of a ride!

May 23, 2017

Today is dedicated to the Cima Coppi, a prize for the first rider to cross the highest point of the Giro. To get the award, the winner will have to climbe and descent the famous Passo di Stelvio. Exciting, because there is still a chance of bad weather on this mountain! Like that day in 1965, when they introduced the Cima Coppi. It was snowing heavingly and it was too dangerous for the riders to go downhill on the slippery road.

But Graziano Battistini defied the snow and was on his way to win the race. Just three hundred metres before the finish, it was impossible to ride his bike. There was too much snow on the road. He didn’t hesitate, got of his bike and crossed the finishline by foot. The rest is history…


Another tribute to Il Campionissimo

May 19, 2017

Today’s giro stage will finish in Tortona, the place where Fausto Coppi died in 1960 at the age of only 40.

His close relatives could hardly believe the fact he died. Like his loyal friend and soigneur Biagio Cavanna. Never again would he feel the power of Fausto’s mighty quadriceps in his hands. The fact that Biago was blind pushed the myth of Fausto’s legs to an even greater height!


Featuring the Olympic Stadium

April 11, 2017

Back in the twenties, at the then-edge of Amsterdam a iconic building arose from the fields. Dutch architect Jan Wils designed a recognisable stadium in the style of the Amsterdam School. The use of red brick, the typical forms and the steel framing for windows and doors are stand-out characteristics of this architectural style. The current Olympic Stadium was the main stadium for the 1928 Olympic Games.

In 1954 Amsterdam hosted another big sporting event, the first foreign Grand Depart ever. Days before de start the city is already in a good vibe. The clean new white trucks and other team cars are dominating the streets. Also the  Mediterranean atmosphere brought by the many followers of the peloton creates  a lot of excitement in the then gritty Amsterdam.The eight of July The Peloton departs  from the olympic stadium in Amsterdam to arrive in Paris 3 weeks and 4656 km later.

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De ronde van Vlaanderen

April 2, 2017

Today’s ‘Ronde van Vlaanderen’ is the apotheosis of the Flemish cycling week. Time to reminisce: the race of 1985. When the peloton arrives at the famous Koppenberg it suddenly starts to rain. Cobblestones instantly turn into slippery rocks. Wheels have no grip anymore and riders are tumbling down.

Belgian champion Eric Vanderaerden had a flat tire just before the Koppenberg and is far behind. When he reaches the Koppenberg, he’s one of the few who is able to ride instead of running up the hill. He manages to catch up with the leading group. At the famous ‘Muur van Geraardsbergen’ nobody can keep up with his pace. Eric wins Flanders’ most appealing classic! So in the end his bad luck turns out to be good luck.

Flandrian Cycling Paradise

March 26, 2017

Another day in the Flandrian cycling paradise! “Gent Wevelgem” has all the familiar ingredients like cobblestones, wind and hordes of fans packed on hills like the Kemmelberg.

Today’s race adds another historical type of substrate. Half unpaved roads called Plugstreets, constructed 100 years ago. To remind us this paradise was once a warzone.

E3 Harelbeke Race

March 24, 2017

Today’s race E3 Harelbeke has an absolute king. But before Tom could claim this title, he had to win over “the emperor” Rik van Looy. Rik crushed everyone on the cobblestones in 1964, 1965, 1966 and 1969!

That he is still indestructible at the age of 82 has been proved. Last year he was wrongly declared dead. Even tough a minute of silence was held for him, he appeared to be safe and sound!