Equipe Mont Ventoux

Background story

‘It is not crazy going up the Ventoux, but it’s crazy to do it again

An understandable Provencal saying, because Ventoux has it all! in a setting of stone and grit, with a few deserted bushes, the wind has free rein.

Unstable weather conditions that suddenly turn into bleak hailstorms on a day with  scorching heat on a dusty road.

Louison Bobet must have been the exception that proves the rule.  In 1951, the riders of the Tour de France had to climb the Ventoux for the first time.

At 2 km from the summit, Lucien Lazaridès breaks away to become the 1st rider in the history of the Tour to reach the summit of Mont Ventoux. But he is caught up on the plain and loses the stage to Bobet.

In 1955, Bobet reaches the summit of the Ventoux again! This time he is the first to reach the top and to win the stage. According to the saying, he is a fool but a few days later, this fool wins the Tour de France!

Equipe Ventoux meets Le Patron

Annually, young Dutch people with a (slight) intellectual disability, often combined with behavioral or physical disabilities, climb the Mont Ventoux. For this they train intensively for six months, with some still having to learn how to cycle.

Ain’t no mountain high enough, that’s the spirit! That is what cycling is about. Push your boundaries and discover what you can do! Pioneering and discovering.

These aspects are of all times. In the past, when people climbed mountains on steel bicycles via unpaved roads under unexpected conditions. Toiling has always been rewarded! Because they came up and enjoyed the view.  And that’s what is still is! For all of us. In the peloton is room for everyone! And we are proud to encourage the ones who have to work for it in a different way. Ride, explore and get inspired!

We are inspired by Equipe Mont Ventoux. To support their life changing journey we designed an exclusive Le Patron cycling t-shirt. With the Mont Ventoux incorporated off course.  For every shirt sold, we donate €10 to the foundation Equipe Mont Ventoux.

‘N’est pas fou qui monte au Ventoux, mais est bien fou qui y retourne’

(It is not crazy going up to the Ventoux, but it’s crazy to do it again’)

We are committed to help  Equipe Mont Ventoux to keep on riding and do it again and again!

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