Our tribute to Tuscany

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Fiorenzo Magni, rival of Coppi and Bartali, grew up in the Tuscan hills. His Mediterranean temper and courage provoked our curiosity to visit his birthplace. 


Put yourself to the test in Tuscany

Italy is a land of cyclists. That’s not so strange because cycling in Italy is like your cycling in a painting made by god himself. This is especially true in Tuscany. Cycling in Tuscany means putting yourself to the test on the hills and slopes where many cycling legends trained. Wherever you go on your bike, you’ll meet other two-wheel aficionados. Especially on the Monte Serra….New insights and training methods have their roots on this climb. Before we dare to enter this outdoor version of a lab, we get a lecture by one of the founders of the high cadence and increased RPM.

We are honoured to visit coach Luigi Cecchini who lives near the climb. For years it was his testing ground, both for himself and his clients. It’s on these slopes that the science and practice of Watts per kilogram emerged. Cecchini also tells us to keep an eye on our weight, as he told Jan Ullrich every year upon arrival in Tuscany for his training.

High-calorie meals from La Mama

Watching your weight while cycling through Tuscan villages is not easy though. Around lunchtime, the most delicious, mouth-watering scents come out of restaurants, kitchens, houses…and their only goal is to seduce you.

When you can’t resist the temptation to stop and find out where those scents are coming from, you’ll have an overwhelming culinary experience with flavours and sensations your taste buds haven’t encountered before.

Your burned calories immediately start counting up again, thanks to the traditional meals from La Mama. Her pappardelle, gnocchi and tortellini will make you fall in love even more with this beautiful area. Of course you can’t leave without a delicious espresso with some dolci: cantuccini, panforte, ricciarelli or zuccotto. Our favourite spot is ‘Il Mondo di Gino’ in a hamlet called Vetrianello.

Important warning! When you come home, you may need a larger size of your favourite Le Patron casual cycling shirt 😉

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