Giro d’Italia 2018

Stage 19 Cima Coppi

This year’s highest point of the Giro d’Italia will be at the Colle de Finestre. This mountain pass lies at an altitude of 2.176 meters.The climb is 18.45 kilometers long and has an average gradient of 9.2%. Halfway, the asphalt road turns into a gravel path.From that point on, the riders have to climb almost another 8 kilometers. This means factors such as gravity and rolling resistance will affect the unfolding of the stage, and maybe the denouement of the Giro d’Italia?!

In any case, old times are reviving! The Cima Coppi is introduced in 1965 in honour of the legendary flight to the top by Fausto Coppi. With this attack on the Stelvio in 1953 he defeated Koblet from an insurmountable position. Because he saved the best for last! And that’s what so special about the Giro. We printed the List of all Cima Coppi’s on the inside of one of our shirts!

Stage 3 Tailwind? Increase your gear!

The guy we’ve spotted!

During the third stage in the Giro this year, the route lead through the Negev desert and finished in Eilat, on the Red Sea.The pace was hitting 70km/h in the final 10 kilometers. Incredibly fast and unbelievable that it is possible to reach such a speed on a bike. Actually with a standard gear 54 or 53/11 it’s impossible. Cause you’re not catching the chain and you’re spinning out. It’s like descending on your smallest chain ring. Bouncing on your saddle. But those with course knowledge in the Giro knew there is a strong wind in Eilat 365 days a year. So the tailwind in the final was predictable. Some of the riders took the biggest chain ring they could found and mounted it on their bikes.We even spotted a 58/11! Can you imagine? This chain ring can cover a distance of eleven meters and seven centimeters per rotation!Don’t try this at home, because otherwise your calves might tear open on the spot. This is rightly what you call a “sprint final” and we have the right jersey to honour this speed!

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