Who we are!

We’re cycling fanatics. Dedicated admirers of the history of cycling.
We’re inspired by heroes like Coppi, Bartali, Koblet and Bahamontes.
We love their sophisticated, glamourous, self-assured looks.
With their powerful legs, brave hearts and bold attitudes, they define the history of cycling.

We will preserve their legacy with quality clothing.
Great styles for cycling aficionados allover the world.
Making sure you’ll also look good when you’re not on the bike.

We call it Cycling Couture.

Our head office is based in Amsterdam.
Only a 10 minutes’ ride from the place of the first international ‘Grand Départ’
of the Tour de France in 1954: the Amsterdam Olympic Stadium.
We did the official launch party of Le Patron in the Olympic Stadium as well!
Wanna see us ‘ride’ in this legendary stadium? Check this video…

Melle van der Veen

As a former bike mechanic, Melle is familiar with everything that has to do with road bikes. He also brings along a lot of knowledge about the history of cycling culture. He translates this knowledge into ideas for our designs. He’s also a strong proponent of recycling materials. He uses his contacts in the bicycle industry to process the used materials into new designs like belts and backpacks. Melle’s favourite ride is Giro d’Italia.

Joanneke de Wit

As a designer who made her name in fashion, Joanneke brings a lot of experience to the table. Growing up with a cycling mad dad in the seventies, she is able to translate the ideas into a stylish collection for tough men. She sets high standards for the quality and finish of all our items, always looking for the best. The same goes for her coffee… It’s all about the details! Joanneke’s all-time cycling hero is Coppi.

Rogier Groen

As a versatile entrepreneur and passionate cyclist, Rogier is always looking for new opportunities. New roads to discover on his bike or newly developed products in business. What could be better than to create something new for other cycling aficionados? With his ears and eyes in the cycling and fashion world, he is able to match your needs with the style you’ll love. Rogier’s favourite ride is Tour de France.